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Shala Youngerman and her team at the Southwestern Yacht Club of San Diego were two consecutive winners in the 24th Annual Linda Elias Memorial Women’s One-Design Challenge Fleet Race.

Competed on the Long Beach Sailing Foundation’s Catalina 37 fleet, nine teams from the West Coast from Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California raced the two-day regatta under sunny skies and a constant breeze… except when it wasn’t. there was no breeze.

Organized and sponsored by the Long Beach / Los Angeles Women’s Sailing Association and hosted by the Long Beach Yacht Club, the race took place October 17-18 in Long Beach, California.

On Saturday the overcast sky rose but the clouds started to dissipate around noon and all went well with the typical breezes of South West Long Beach of 8 to 13 knots which allowed the teams to participate to the four races scheduled for the day.

Sunday was a bit more difficult with cloudy skies and a lukewarm breeze that started to fill in and then almost evaporated halfway through Race 5 with the finishers drifting almost across the finish line. After a delay of about an hour, the wind returned, but not in time to get the three full races scheduled before the mandatory deadline of 3:00 p.m. for the start of the races.

Youngerman credits his team with the opportunity to win this regatta for the second time.

“My team is absolutely brilliant,” said Youngerman. “We brought this team together last year and it continues to be a great sailing experience for all of us. Whether we are on the water or not, we always look out for each other. We might be late for a race, but we continue to help each other. ”

Her team includes Sara Williams, Jessica Amen, Kati Morton, Tracy Nackel, Tammy Fowels, Sandra Sherman, Marni Buddo, Jenn Garver (team captain), Summer Green and Heidi Taylor.

Youngerman didn’t get the start she wanted in race one on Saturday, finishing third. But after that she got three first places to end the day with LBYC co-skippers Lisa Meier and Wendy Corzine just three points behind.

As the Sunday breeze struggled, many teams followed suit with ever lighter and changing conditions. Youngerman finished the day with two fourth places. Meier and Corzine struggled in the fifth race securing an eighth place, but came back in the last race with a first place.

Youngerman won the regatta four points ahead of Meier and Corzine who were able to hold onto second place in a tiebreaker with Karen Jones and her team from the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Sailing Association.

“The Long Beach Yacht Club’s women’s sailing team has been together for 18 months now,” said Corzine. “With all the tough training we’ve had, it’s really good to see him pay off this weekend.”

Meier said: “The LBYC women’s sailing team started out together as competitors and became friends.”

“On a personal note,” Corzine said, “to have Michael Elias [Linda’s husband] here to hand us our second trophy makes us want to win next year.

“We are so proud to represent LBYC at this prestigious event,” said Meier, “and it is an honor to sail in memory of Linda Elias. I did not know her personally, but I am honored to call many of her friends, my friends.

Youngerman, once again, received the Perpetual Linda Elias Memorial Women’s One-Design Challenge Trophy, donated by Al and Vicki Shultz and the Catalina 37 Women’s One-Design Challenge, LB / LA Women’s Sailing Association Trophy.

She also received a scholarship check for $ 1,000 from the Linda Elias Sailing Scholarship.

The Women’s One-Design event started 24 years ago and Linda Elias, the namesake of the current regatta, has won the championship three of the first five years. Elias passed away in 2003 and the Long Beach / Los Angeles Women’s Sailing Association dedicated the event to her memory.


Shala Youngerman (right) and her winning team.

Final results
1. Shala Youngerman, SWYC, 3-1-1-1-4-4, 14 points
2. Lisa Meier / Wendy Corzine, LBYC, 1-2-2-4-8-1, 18
3. Karen Jones, Women’s Sailing Association. from Santa Monica Bay, 2-3-5-5-1-2, 18
4. Phoebe staff, CYC, 5-4-4-2-3-5, 23
5. Alexia Fischer, Jibe Ho’s, 6-6-6-6-2-3, 29
6. Molly Vandermoer, SDYC, 7-5-3-3-6-6, 30
7. Terri Manok, Women’s Sailing Association. Orange County, 4-9-7-9-7-9, 45
8. Debbie Kraemer, Long Beach / Los Angeles Women’s Sailing Association, 9-8-8-8-5-8, 46
9. Marie Rogers, LAYC, 8-7-9-7-9-7, 47

Event details

Rick Roberts report.

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