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The replica of the Sweet Breeze riverboat was removed from the St. Marys River on Thursday for wintering. (By Kevin Kilbane of The News-Sentinel)

A replica of the Friends of the Rivers Sweet Breeze riverboat from the mid-1800s was pulled from the St. Marys River on Thursday morning for transport to its winter storage in a warehouse on Leesburg Road.

The 54-foot-long boat was pulled from the river and onto a custom-designed trailer at Guldin Park, which is located off Van Buren Street just before it crosses the river to become Sherman Boulevard.

The Sweet Breeze was scheduled to “sail” on West Main Street around 1 p.m. Thursday towards Leesburg Road and the warehouse, said Ron Menze, a member of the board of directors of Friends of the Rivers.

The boat has to be removed from the river as the river level will be lowered for the construction works of the new riverside promenade park, Menze. Freezing rivers during the winter could also damage the boat if left in the water.

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