The center is considering a high-speed boat service between Mumbai and Daman, Diu

After the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed train project, the Center is considering another, faster mode of transport between the two states. This time he wants to connect Mumbai to Daman and Diu on the west coast with high speed boat service.

The boat would be a catamaran with a speed of 30 knots (55 km / h).

Business commuters

Given the steady flow of business commuters between the two states, the Center believes that the option of maritime transport should be explored.

The State-run Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) was commissioned by the Union Territory Administration of Daman & Diu to carry out a technical feasibility and economic viability study for the large-scale vessel service. proposed speed. Daman and Diu are administratively managed as Union territory but geographically they are part of Gujarat.

A number of Mumbai-based business houses have their manufacturing units in Gujarat. Business leaders commute between the two states to manage the units.

From Mumbai, Diu is approximately 850 km and Daman is 180 km.

Call for tenders for study

On Tuesday, the national company launched a call for tenders for the selection of a maritime consultant to carry out the study. The tender document indicates that there is significant traffic movement between Gujarat and Mumbai by road and rail. This movement takes a long time and the routes are extended due to geographical peculiarities.

The nautical distance between these two locations, however, is quite short in comparison. Therefore, a maritime passenger service will be efficient, less polluting and save time for passengers, he said.

The object of the tender is to undertake detailed market research in order to establish the demand for passenger traffic movements between Mumbai, Daman and Diu. It will review the traffic growth projections, pricing strategy and assess the cost and time profile of passenger movement.

A survey of passengers should also be conducted to assess their reaction to the concept of travel by sea instead of current modes such as rail, road and air. The consultant will have to carry out a detailed analysis of the existing infrastructure in Daman, Diu and Mumbai.

The passenger terminal management options based on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) or Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) should also be recommended by the consultant.

Passionate about sailing, Surendra Kulkarni said that the wave conditions are favorable in these waters. Therefore, a maritime transport system for passengers as well as for their cars should be explored. Until 1947, Mumbai was linked with Karachi on the west coast, he said.

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