Large area of ​​growth observed for local Oz Goose boat navigation

MEMBERS of the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club (PHBYC) see a wide horizon for Oz Goose sailboats.

Roy Espiritu of PHBYC said the Oz Goose sailboat, an easy-to-build sailboat designed by Batangas-based Australian designer Michael Storer, is now gaining popularity.

An international collaboration of organizations involved in sailing and shipbuilding has resulted in the popularity of the Oz Goose sailboat, Espiritu said.

“This initiative has helped dispel the myth that sailing is only for the rich, it has also made sailing affordable and user-friendly, and has attracted more Filipinos to embrace a hobby and sport that virtually matches the geography. archipelagic country, “he added.

Espiritu quoted Peter Capotosto, commodore of the Taal Lake Yacht Club, as saying that he “came to believe that this boat could be what Filipino sailing has been waiting for for half a century.”

“All the pieces come together to create a multi-sector on-demand boat, which will be produced and sailed by a large number of individuals, businesses and schools, with varied interests,” said Capotosto, a sailing enthusiast from long time.

“The unique gathering of international and local boat experts and suppliers leading to the growing popularity of the Oz Goose class in the Philippines is unprecedented and could be the hope for the future of dinghy sailing here,” said Capotosto , quoted by Espiritu. .

He added that sailing clubs around the world are trying to emulate what the PHBYC, a local community of sailors, boaters and amateur and professional boat builders, has done to rekindle interest in small boat sailing. .

“We still have a long way to go to generate general interest in small craft boating in the Philippines, but PHBYC is making progress,” Storer said, quoted by Espiritu. “Schools have expressed an interest in sailing as a university sport and our maritime academies which train sailors who are unfamiliar with sailing are beginning to understand how sailing and boat building on small boats can dramatically increase the skill of sailing. their cadets in seamanship. “

So far, more than 50 Oz Goose sailboats have been built in the three island groups of the Philippines; built from scratch using downloadable boat plans, built to order from licensed builders, and most of them produced at PHBYC’s flagship event, Family Boatbuilding Weekends (FBW), during which families or groups assemble a boat from a prefabricated kit.

In three years, the 12-year-old PHBYC has successfully organized three Oz Goose FBWs in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, making the Oz Goose the fastest growing sailing fleet in the country, according to Espiritu . This year’s events would culminate with the second Oz Goose National Championships in November, he added.

The Oz Goose is best sailed with one or two people on board, making it a great platform for learning to sail. Its shape gives it a lot of stability and is empty of water when it is upright from a capsize.

The Oz Goose is 4 meters long and is made from either 5mm or 6mm marine grade plywood and lumber, assembled with epoxy. While the sails that move the boat can be made by the builder from materials like polytarp or tyvek. Professionally made Dacron sails can also be purchased locally from dealers.

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