This electric outboard cruises at 54 miles per hour

Jonny Lee Tempest, who created this electric speedboat, is a retired Cirque Du Soleil inventor, investor, sound engineer, Certified Entertainment Electrician (ETCP-CEE) and Member of MENSA. He has owned 6 Tesla cars, has an insatiable and insatiable thirst for doing things in new ways, and is passionate about how the future can be free from fossil fuel emissions.

So, for one of his projects, he designed and built his own solar electric boat, batteries charged by the solar panels in his house. It cruises at 54 miles per hour (47 knots / 87 km / h) and instantly trains a water skier with unparalleled torque and silence.

Watch these videos of what a little ingenuity (and a lot of skill and determination) can accomplish. The first shows Jonny’s electric boat sailing (almost silently) on the water at 56 miles per hour (48 knots: 90 km / h). The second shows how he went about building / adapting boat engine technology to achieve this incredible accomplishment.

The DIY version is close to other electric speed boat records

Not bad for a guy working in his solar-powered home workshop, especially since the world speed record for a production electric boat is only 57.5 mph (93 km / h, 57 , 5 mph) and the all-time record, set by a Jaguar Racing / Williams team is 88.61 mph (77 kts / 142.6 km / h).

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