Online Credit Rating Inquiry

With the opportunities provided by technological developments, reaching a lot of information on the internet has become a child’s play with an easy expression. We can access all the information about banks , loans and credit ratings with a single click. So how do I get my credit rating online? We will provide information about your credit note inquiry from the internet .

Why is Credit Rating Important?

Why is Credit Rating Important?

Of course, your credit rating is extremely important . In order to use the products, loans and credit cards of the banks, we need to have a record in the eyes of the banks, that is, a credit rating. The credit rating of individuals who have a disordered payment, delayed and irregular payment is reduced and the use of bank products is restricted in their next applications. You can keep your credit rating high by making your payments regularly and get positive results instantly in future evaluations, so your credit rating is important.

Credit Rating Inquiry

Credit Rating Inquiry

As we said, with the advancement of technology, it is very easy to get a lot of information. Our credit rating is one of them. Of course, it is not correct to try to learn our credit rating from every credit query site. As you know, there are many fraudulent sites trying to reach our personal information with the recent fraud incidents. Therefore, we recommend that you do not share your personal data with any site other than the official sites of banks.

Warning You should not share your personal information with every site you come across on the internet. They have access to a lot of information with increasing fraud methods. Do not share your information with any sites other than banks’ official sites and Endeks. He will never ask you this information, including bank employees.

To learn your credit rating online, you can first check the bank channels. If you use the internet banking service of the bank you are using, you should first check the menus and try to find out your credit rating if there is a section related to your credit rating . Most banks will tell you your credit rating via internet banking.

If you can’t learn through the bank, you can learn your credit rating in seconds via Endeks , which is popular recently. They have a system that analyzes your credit rating and detailed risk report with reporting options ranging from 3 to 6 TL and they provide a very detailed credit risk report and credit rating information with reporting systems that will help you for your future applications.

Endeks is not a preferred system because it is paid

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But once you try, you will see how it provides a detailed analysis. Your report with Endeks can give you an idea of ​​whether your future applications will be approved. It gives you a report with all the information, including your past risk report, payment order and your total debt to banks.