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A BRITISH gave up his “boring” life working in a windowless office to live out his dream of sailing around the world on his own boat.

Matt Parsons gave up his job as a computer engineer and hopped on a boat to see the coasts of Canada, America and Mexico while living for less than £ 300 a month.


Matt Parson gave up his life as a computer engineer to sail the seasCredit: News Dog Media
    Matt's 36-foot sailboat is called Gudgeon


Matt’s 36-foot sailboat is called GudgeonCredit: News Dog Media

Matt, 37, realized he was fed up with living his “terrible life” after a friend left cruising around Australia – so he decided to do the same.

He said: “I was so bored and I watched my friend in Tahiti eat a coconut, swim every day and let his long hair grow out.”

“Meanwhile, I was in an office in a windowless warehouse. Horrible life.”

Matt was tormented by his mate’s trip for years before deciding to do it on his own.

“Two years ago I sat at work in my cabin looking at a picture of Phil swinging around the islands of the South Pacific and I was like ‘you b ***** d’.”

The computer engineer, who had been based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada since emigrating in his mid-twenties, then decided to copy his friend, buy a boat for £ 8,500 and cut the whole thing off. money spent on rent and “modern life”.

He saved up, put back his opinion and set out to sea.

He said: “I learned to sail on my own, I had never sailed before. “

“Waking up in the morning and going wherever I want and being able to have coffee without rushing. The sunsets are amazing and the navigation is awesome.”

“There is a huge community spirit, it’s like living in a very small village. They are mostly old people, but I see more and more young people who want to escape 9-5.”

He’s also almost completely self-sufficient on the boat – catching a fish, cooking it, and even desalting seawater for drinking.

His cost of living dropped from £ 1,440 per month to just £ 290 when he ditched the lifeless 9-5 and set sail on his 1980 36ft Hunter sailboat called Gudgeon.

His first trip took him to the beautiful and remote coast of Alaska, before descending the west coast of the Americas, and he is currently exploring the coast of Mexico.

Matt’s next sailing adventure will take him around the islands of French Polynesia for three to four weeks, with nothing but him, his boat, and the Pacific Ocean.

Matt said living on his boat was not without problems, but much better than his life as a computer engineer.

He said: “Sometimes you can be anchored and it’s very windy and you can ride in the waves and it can be difficult inside the cabin.”

“One of the biggest challenges is also one of the best things, because it makes you pay attention to the little things. Finding food, water, shelter, that sort of thing. It really puts you on more. in contact with nature. “

    Matt was living a "terrible" 9-5 life of a windowless office


Matt lived a “terrible” 9 to 5 life in a windowless officeCredit: News Dog Media
    View of Matt from his 36ft sailboat called Gudgeon


View of Matt from his 36ft sailboat called GudgeonCredit: News Dog Media
    Matt Parson said living on the boat brings him closer to nature


Matt Parson said living on the boat brings him closer to natureCredit: News Dog Media

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