Sinking of Sea Beast boat in Brixham harbor causes sadness and worry

A 70 foot boat sank in Brixham harbor.

The “Sea Beast”, reportedly owned by the Torbay Port Authority, had been moored at the oscillating mooring in the harbor for months.

But on Sunday morning, after the bad weather the night before, it was found submerged with only its mast protruding from the surface.

And since then, it has apparently released trash and fuel into the water, angering those who fear the effects on wildlife.

The Sea Beast that sank in Brixham Harbor

The Seal Project posted on Instagram: “Sad to see yet another pollution challenge directly affecting wildlife in Brixham Harbor this morning.

“This time the ship ‘Sea Beast’ sank and released garbage and fuel into the water. Authorities have been notified.”

While the cause of the sinking of the 70-foot Ferro Cement Schooner is unclear, it happened during nighttime storms.

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The boat was put up for sale on the Bateaux Pas Cher website last August for £ 113.11.

Details on the website read: “The vessel is in a troubled sail situation – no rudder.

“The ship needs a complete renovation and update and requires buyers who invest time and money.

“The condition of the submarine hull and appendages has not been established.

The Sea Beast that sank in Brixham Harbor
The Sea Beast that sank in Brixham Harbor

“The buyer is responsible for removing the vessel from the port of Brixham and payment must be made within 14 days of the end of the auction in cash or by debit.

The Sea Beast that sank in Brixham Harbor
The Sea Beast that sank in Brixham Harbor

“Please note that the vessel is being auctioned on behalf of Tor Bay Harbor Authority, Brixham Harbor. The bidder will assume ownership of the vessel without unpaid charges and without relevant supporting documentation.”

The Torbay Port Authority and Torbay Council have been contacted for comment.

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