Pair rescued from a sinking ship near Dunedin


Dunedin Shipwreck: A gruesome scene was seen off Dunedin where a boat sank just north of Puddingstone Rock. In this boat, two fishermen were pulled from their sinking boat moments before it vanished below the surface off the coast. According to the report, this accident happened on Wednesday September 22, 2021. As soon as the incident occurred, a distress call was sent from Orca, an aluminum pleasure boat 7, at around 11:25 am after encountering a problem just north. from Puddingstone Rock which is near Papanui Beach, and by 12.50 p.m. it was fully and fully submerged.

Dunedin Shipwreck

Steve Rushbrook, harbor master for the Otago Regional Council, said the distress call was picked up on Channel 6 and the boat owner also had “the right things” to start a fire, which meant that other local fishermen were able to react quickly. When they reached the place “they were able to get the guys out of the water even though the boat sank under them.” They are therefore very lucky.

Dunedin Shipwreck

The statement added: “They have done a few things well and very well. They had good communications, all wore life jackets, and the use of flares was the main thing in this whole scenario. They are very lucky and fortunate to be safely home without sustaining injury or loss of life. And I think they were very happy to be in a boat, small and dry.

Dunedin Shipwreck Rushbrook further said he and other members of the harbor master’s staff were connected by the commercial fishing vessel Echo and its staff and were able to install a line on the submerged boat. Echo then pulled him to Carey’s Bay in Otago Harbor. “We were very lucky and lucky that the fishing boat Echo was spotted there. Without him, this boat wouldn’t be here now.

Dunedin Shipwreck

It would be in 20m of water. Rushbrook said it is still unclear why the boat sank and how the crash happened. The reason for the accident is not yet known, investigators are trying to find out the reason for this accident. Observers suggested that something could have broken the inboard motor, which allowed water to drain into the hull. Just wait until you know the real reason for the incident and we will update here till then soon, stay tuned with us and read our other articles.

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