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What there is to know

  • Admire the sparkling lights on land for free, including the famous ‘Merry Kiss Me’ arch, as you tour the port area; parking is extra
  • The Boat Parade of Lights will take place on December 10, 11 and 12
  • Christmas carols wearing ugly sweaters will take a walk on three Thursday nights: December 9, 16 and 23

Maybe you are the type of person who really enjoys contrasts at Christmas.

You like a cool cocktail followed by a hot cookie. You love a teary holiday movie, then a seasonal sitcom that gets you laughing for a minute, the kind of show that’s chock-full of exciting twists and turns.

What about lights, the kind of dazzling screens that are full of wonder and power? You, too, like these a lot, but especially when they are next to a powerful place that is reputed to be extinct.

We’re talking about the ethereal, deep expanses of the ocean, sure, but you certainly knew that when we said the word “mighty.”

And having the opportunity to savor the sparkle just steps from the Pacific is truly the ultimate journey into the amazing land of Christmas contrasts.

Dana Point Harbor provides the sparkle, sparkle, and illuminated punch every year, a punch that’s made even more powerful by its location near the Pacific.

And that oomph is now on display in early December 2021, offering visitors looking for seasonal splendor just steps from the surf grounds to soak up.

Look for over 700,000 LED lights around the closed water area, beauty spots that add splendor to all kinds of scenes, including “… giant whale sculptures, illuminated palm trees, Christmas trees, a giant Adirondack chair and the popular ‘Merry Kiss Me’ bow. “

All of these places are free, although parking in the port area may be additional.

Heated events will enhance the aquatic aura of the port area on certain evenings in December. If you’re visiting on December 9, 16, or 23 – yes, it’s every Thursday – you’ll come across a group of singers cradling their ugliest holiday sweaters.

Oh yes: And the Boat Parade of Lights sets sail every night from December 10 to 12. “Fiesta Holiday” is the theme, and there are numerous prizes for attendees, in several cheerful categories.

One of the best times for those watching the procession on the water? As the bulbs of the boats glow on the surface of the ocean, another interesting contrast to appreciate.

And it’s as sweet as the “Merry Kiss Me” arc is charming: If you post your photos of Dana Point Harbor on Instagram until December 22, 2021 and tag them with #HolidaysattheHarbor, you’ll be signed up for possibly-maybe. be- with crossing your fingers, win a Dana Point Harbor themed gift pack.

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