Christmas on the Water Boat Parade happening on Saturday in Biloxi


It’s almost time for the Christmas parade on the water in Biloxi.

Boat owners are set to light up the Mississippi Sound for this year’s Christmas on the Water. In Biloxi, at the schooner pier, you will see many ships dressed in their Christmas finery. Organizer Rusty David said: “Years ago nothing was happening in December. So we boat owners needed to use our boats in December and have the opportunity to reunite the family and Christmas fell right in the middle of it.

Rusty David organized the first parade of boats 36 years ago. He always sets sail the first weekend in December. “We haven’t missed a year. Some years have been a bit trying, but we have done it. Boat owners do it. I have some who have been involved for 30 years.

The boats paraded again the following winter Katrina, a time when David believed the community needed a little Christmas spirit. “In 2004, before the storm, we had 86 boats and started at Old Broadwater Marina and came this way. In 2005 we only had eight boats, but we did.

Now more than 30 boats are participating in the parade. “When you’ve been doing something for so long, people look forward to it. My phone rang on the wall this week because of people in Caracas, Mississippi, and as far away as Maryland. “

Last year, the parade won the title of the state’s second biggest attraction of the month for December. “Anywhere from Biloxi Lighthouse to the Gold Nugget. My favorite place is Small Crafts Harbor and Harrah on the beach. I’m a beach person, bring chairs, make a bonfire , go out and enjoy it.

Remember to stay after the parade for the fireworks display.

The boats will parade on the Biloxi Canal tomorrow at 6 p.m. Of course, don’t forget that the Children’s Christmas Walking Parade on the Water is taking place tonight.

The parade begins at 6 a.m., starting at the Community Center on Howard Avenue and ending at the City Green on Hwy 90.

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